Raising the West


Memories of the Dust Bowl, World War II, and one-room school houses are fading faster than the photos that record them.

In Raising the West, twelve women share their experiences growing up in the 1930s; from weathering terrible storms to facing deadly childhood illnesses, surviving periods of financial hardship, playing with paper dolls, raising children, maintaining marriages for fifty years or more, and making a life and a living in the Midwest. Using the women's own words, Raising the West encapsulates grit, optimism, and the changes a hundred years can bring.

Get a copy today and dive into your own slice of history.

What readers are saying:

  • Very much enjoyed the book, Kelsie! I appreciated each woman’s story. I can just hear my Aunts' voices as I read each of their accounts.
    -Barb B.

  • Kelsie Stelting, I just finished reading your book, "Raising The West." I enjoyed it, thoroughly. You have a real knack of bringing the past to life. Best wishes.
    -Glenda D.

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