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Raising the West is filled with a thousand years of wisdom. Twelve women share their experiences growing up in the 1930s; from attending one-room country schools to weathering terrible storms, facing deadly childhood illnesses, surviving periods of financial hardship, playing with paper dolls, raising children, maintaining marriages for fifty years or more, and making a life and a living in Wallace County. Raising the West encapsulates countless life lessons and showcases the changes a hundred years can bring.

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Raising the West by Kelsie Stelting is available as a limited edition hardback. Purchase yours here at a 10% discount! Or, if you prefer digital reading, Raising the West is available on Nook or  Kindle.

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What readers are saying

  • Very much enjoyed the book, Kelsie! I appreciated each woman’s story. I can just hear my Aunts voices as I read each of their accounts.
    -Barb B.

  • Kelsie Stelting, I just finished reading your book, "Raising The West". I enjoyed it, thoroughly. You have a real knack of bringing the past to life. Best wishes.
    -Glenda D.

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