Always Anika - Paperback

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Always Anika - Paperback


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Falling in love with someone she's never laid eyes on wasn't part of Anika's plan.

A senior boy broke her heart freshman year, and she’s avoided love ever since, but an English assignment makes that almost impossible.

Cue Shawn Adams, Anika’s military pen pal. He’s sexy, he’s kind, and every letter he writes makes Anika like him even more.

Her plans get even more off-track when Kyle Rayford, the newly-single, blond basketball star asks Anika out on a date.

For a girl who didn’t believe in soulmates, Anika’s having a hard time deciding between the two loves of her life. Will she choose the steamy man in uniform who’s written her beautiful letters, or the reliable guy who’s afraid to lose her? Or, will her broken heart ruin her chance at love?

Always Anika is a young adult contemporary romance novel set in rural Texas. This book is a perfect for mothers and daughters to share with each other or small-town romance fans of any age.