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Raising the West


Raising the West is available in a beautiful hardcover and digitally on Kindle.

Raising the West is filled with a thousand years of wisdom.

Twelve women share their experiences growing up in the 1930s; from attending one-room country schools to weathering terrible storms, facing deadly childhood illnesses, surviving periods of financial hardship, playing with paper dolls, raising children, maintaining marriages for fifty years or more, and making a life and a living in Wallace County. Raising the West encapsulates countless life lessons and showcases the changes a hundred years can bring.

Always Anika

A Texas Star Novella

Get Always Anika on Kindle or Paperback.

Is it possible to fall in love with someone you've never even seen?

A senior boy broke Anika’s heart freshman year and she’s avoided love ever since, but an English assignment makes that almost impossible.

Cue Shawn Adams, Anika’s military pen pal. He’s sexy, he’s kind, he’s 23, and every letter he writes makes Anika like him even more.

Things get even more complicated when Kyle Rayford, the newly single, blond basketball star asks Anika out on a date.For a girl who didn’t believe in soulmates, Anika’s having a hard time deciding between the two loves of her life. Will she choose the steamy man in uniform who’s written her beautiful letters, or the reliable guy who’s afraid to lose her? Or, will her broken heart ruin her chance at love?

Lonesome Skye: Book One

A Texas Star Novel

Lonesome Skye Book photo

Get Lonesome Skye on Kindle or Paperback.

She’s so focused on fighting for her dreams, she forgets to fight for herself.

Skye starts her junior year with a plan: make the volleyball team, win Kellum’s attention, and crush a few weightlifting records while she’s at it. Even with less-than supportive parents, an absentee sister, and a senior girl aching for revenge, Skye’s determined to make this year her best one ever. In a world where friends can become enemies in the blink of an eye, the price of success is high, and for a girl who doesn’t have much, Skye’s willing to pay it all.

Hope, love, heartache, and perseverance tangle in this contemporary coming of age novel filled with honest fiction. Pick up Lonesome Skye today and get lost in the rush of chasing your dreams and the free fall of all that happens after.

All the Things He Left Behind

Saffron's Story 1 - A Texas Sun Novella

The past and present collide in the first book of Saffron's story in the Texas Sun series.

When Maverick’s mother passes away, Saffron doesn’t just lose her soon-to-be mother-in-law. She also loses her future husband. In Drake’s unexpected departure, Saffron’s left to pack up their apartment, along with the memories of their happy life together. There’s only one person in town who can help her – Kellum. But can he help her with her heart as well?

Unfair Catch

Savannah's Story 1 - A Texas Sun Novel

Get Unfair Catch on Kindle and Paperback.

Get ready to fall in love all over again—with self-discovery, handsome cowboys, and the unbreakable bonds of female friendship.

After losing her dream job in Austin, Savannah Dondi has to do the unthinkable—move back to her small hometown. Living minutes from her parents and working in her aunt’s beauty parlor isn’t exactly the glamorous life she had planned.

When she sees Hudson McAllister at the local rodeo, he’s even better than she remembered. Tall, lean, and clinging to a bucking horse. She only wishes she’d held onto him so tightly.

Her misguided feelings for Rhett Lane had ruined it in high school, and if she doesn’t stop herself from falling back in love with Rhett, he’ll come between her and Hudson this time too. Avoiding him in a small town will be hard, though. Especially since their best friends are in love.

When Savannah’s forced to realize she’s not the only one who’s changed, she has to make a decision that could leave her feeling like an even bigger failure than she did before.

Anything But Yes

Savannah's Story 2 - A Texas Sun Novella

Get Anything But Yes on Kindle or Instafreebie.

Savannah has it all—a loving man, a new sister-in-law, a steadfast friend, and her dream job in Austin. She’s not where she wants to be, but she knows how to get there. There’s only a golden ring and several thousand dollars standing in her way.

After an almost-proposal and the loss of someone close to her, she’s less-than sure about her future. How can she convince the man she loves that she’s there to stay when everything he wants seems just out of reach?

Fall back in love with the characters you met in Unfair Catch, and get ready for a story that will make you smile, cry, and believe in unconditional love.

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