~*Travel makes the world your home*~

I was talking to my dad on the phone the other day, and we got to talking about houses. For the last five years, I’ve went from dorm room, to apartment, to dorm room, to hotels, to apartment. So here’s how the conversation went:

Me: I’d love for our next home to be our own, but I have no idea how people save for down payments!

Dad: Well, I’ve been around a while, and I’ve never just thought, “Oh, I’ll fly to Cleveland today.”

Okay, so maybe I’m not that spontaneous all the time, but I’ve been so lucky to see and live in different places since I moved away from my home town, and I’ve fallen in love with the world. I love seeing rivers cut paths through lush green trees in Oklahoma and busy city streets glittering with rain and streetlights in New York City. I love the feeling of stepping out of an airport and into a place where everything is new and everything holds possibilities.

Dad said we make money for the things we want, and I know that’s true. For me, nothing’s better than the taste of Wisconsin cheese fries for the first time or taking a wrong turn down a side street and winding up in a random marionette shop. Even though flying terrifies me, the sight of the world below me full of people, each as intricate and unique as the cities they live in, elicits this overwhelming sense of excitement and peace.

I know I’m a speck in this world, and I’ll never be able to touch all the trees in the Amazon or hike each slope on the Rocky Mountains, but I also know that the little space I take up in this world feeds into what is an incredible work of art.

Whatever happens in life will be an adventure, and wherever I go, whatever I see, wherever my roots do or don’t grow will be alright. I think I know because of the list. See, each time we go somewhere, my husband and I have a list: do we have our phones, IDs, computer, and money? 

If I have my phone, I can always find my roots. If I have my ID, the world will know who I am. If I have my computer I can always search another adventure, and if I have my money, I’ll have enough for what I really want. That's all I really need, because right now, it’s hard to imagine buying a house, when the world's already my home.