Seven Steps is a self-proclaimed “New York City girl” who happens to be living in a very Connecticut world. As a child who was born and raised in Jamaica Queens, New York, Seven has always loved imagining new worlds and the stories they hold. Like most children, she was exposed to classic fairy tales and young adult romance novels. 

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With the perfect mix of both romance and one of her favorite fairy tales, Peter Pan, her latest work, “Forever and Always,” will be featured in the upcoming anthology, The Art of Taking ChancesThe story follows a contemporary version of Wendy and Peter as they fall in love in a modern day high school.  

As Peter tries to earn Wendy’s affection, he gets himself into mischief in the name of love. After years of secretly putting love letters in Wendy’s locker, Peter must decide if he is ready to confess his true feelings face-to-face.

While Seven has published multiple books in different genres, she enjoys writing about the decisiveness of teens and how the emotional decisions they make usually end in trouble. 

She is currently working on new romance novels for both adults and young adults. In the future, she hopes to revisit the first genre she was ever published in: science fiction romance. To learn more about Steps and her work, Seven encourages fans to visit her website,