After working in education for nearly 25 years, Michele Mathews says she is ready to become a full-time author. However, even as a part-time author, she has managed to raise her kids all while publishing three books, and she doesn’t plan to stop there. Michele’s latest work will be featured in the The Art of Taking Chances.

Her short story, “Unstoppable Love,” was inspired by a bakery in Martinsville, Indiana. Unfortunately, the business that sparked her interest, Stir in Delicious, has since closed and moved out of town. Although the business might be gone, Michele’s’ story was pieced together by imagining herself in the shoes of a young woman who works at a bakery just like it. 

The story follows a girl as she works in the local bakery and wants nothing to do with boys. When Jace is hired, Peyton must figure out if she really hates all boys or if Jace can change her mind. 

Michele is currently working on finishing her series, The Divorce Trilogy. She has already published three travel memoirsand aims to publish six books this year while mainly focusing on YA contemporary romance.