Australian author Kat Colmer, is no stranger to writing. In fact, she says she has always had a “thing for words.” Her love for words led her to young adult literature, which has become a huge part of her life due to her profession as a teacher, librarian and author.

Her first published novel, a young adult paranormal romance The Third Kiss, was the result of a 2011 dare. Kat and a friend decided they would each attempt to write a full-length YA novel, thinking that it, “Couldn’t be that hard.” 

Fortunately for us, Kat was “badly bitten by the writing bug” after the first three weeks, even though her friend had already given up. Now, she has written multiple short stories, one of which will be featured in The Art of Taking Chances

Her short story, “Tickets on Himself,” features two music lovers and former friends, who burned all bridges between each other. After one of them was given a chance at stardom, their friendship, and possibly more, was obliterated. Just as Ally is about to graduate high school and leave behind the memory of Sam Stokes, superstar and traitor, she is gifted with tickets to one of his shows. 

Since her pride won’t let her go to Sam’s concert, Ally decides to sell the tickets online. When she finds a buyer, she is amazed by the feelings this mystery man evokes in her. But just as she is beginning to fall for a perfect stranger, Ally learns she might not be ready to move on from Sam after all.

Currently, Kat is working on a contemporary YA romcom novel, set to publish in early 2019. In addition to her second full-length novel, she also plans to publish her own short story anthology soon. 

To keep up with Kat, fans can follow her on FacebookTwitterand Instagram. She also encourages readers to visit her website,, to learn more about her work and sign up for a monthly newsletter.