The Art of Taking Chances, a young adult contemporary romance short story anthology is coming to retailers near you! Working with some of my favorite authors was an unforgettable, incredible experience. I'm excited to share some about the awesome ladies I've been working with! To learn more about the anthology and the other authors, visit
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Photo of Deborah Balogun

Nigerian author Deborah Balogun loves avocados, coffee and, of course, writing. As a kid, she began her love affair with being an author by writing poems and songs. But after falling into depression, she began writing full-length novels as a “healing mechanism,” and said she never plans to stop.

Now, she has broken into the publishing world with her new short story, “Fangirl,” which will be featured in the upcoming anthology, The Art of Taking Chances. Alongside eight other authors, Balogun’s story includes a swoon-worthy popstar and his long-lost twin brother.

During this Hollywood-themed short story, the main character, Sadie, is thrown into a whirlwind when she is asked to help Jason get in touch with his twin brother. Unfortunately for star struck Sadie, getting close enough to explain the situation with a chart-topping pop star like Jesse Maldonado will prove to be a difficult task.

While our Heroine tries to help the brothers reconnect, romance is budding behind the scenes.

As a writer Balogun said she enjoyed the opportunity to create spirited characters for her story. In fact, writing about “vivacious characters” is one of her main reasons for writing in the YA contemporary romance genre.

Luckily for fans, she is currently working on a few novels she hopes to publish soon. To keep up with her work and daily life, fans can follow her Facebook page, Author Deborah Balogun. She also posts on her Twitter @DBalWrites.