A while back, I was thinking how great it is to work with other authors and how I wished someone would start a young adult romance short story collection. Well, a personal motto of mine is that I am someone. (Gripping, I know.) So, I started working on an anthology of my own.

I was a little nervous to reach out to authors and ask them to let me publish their work. I’m a young author, still wet behind the ears, and I worried no one would take me seriously. But I let my dreams be bigger than my fears, and several amazing woman agreed to participate in the anthology! Working out the details and handling deadlines and edits was intense.

I didn’t want to just do the minimum and put the work out there. I wanted every reader who picked up this anthology to feel refreshed and loved an invigorated, the way I feel after reading a sweet romance story. And remember me saying my dreams were big? Well, I asked one of my favorite authors to write the foreword: Cookie O’Gorman.

And you would not believe the happy dance I did when she said yes. Working with one of my favorite writers as a 24-year-old? Almost too good to be true!

But I took a chance. All of this writing stuff I’m chasing after is taking a chance. Sometimes, I’ve fallen flat on my face, embarrassed myself. And other times, I’ve soared. I’m so glad I took a chance on this anthology, and I hope you will too.

If you want to download a free copy of The art of Taking Chances, you can do that by clicking here. If you'd rather have a signed copy, you can purchase it on my site! :)