More than a million definitions of creativity exist, and I might as well throw mine into the mix:

Creativity is bringing something into existence that no one else, including yourself on another occasion, could do exactly the same.

Whether it’s journaling, building fence, planting a flowerbed, painting, or drawing, creativity should be a part of our daily lives. Why? Because it takes us out of the monotony of going to work and waiting to get paid. It represents our unique imprint on this plant. It leaves proof—however fleeting—that we were here, and our presence couldn’t have been replaced by anyone else.

Let’s face it, there are a lot of people out there. More than 7 billion. But I guarantee you that no one could make an elephant painting that looked exactly like mine, no matter how hard they tried.

Quote from our Paint Nite Instructor: People aren’t Xerox machines.

Mine might not be a Picasso, it might end up at Goodwill, or it might hang in my house for the next fifty years. And it doesn’t matter. Because for that two hours, I wasn’t Kelsie Stelting, the job-searching, novel-writing, chocolate-loving person. I was a person in a painting class, spreading acrylics over a plain canvas hoping it would look somewhat like an elephant at the end.

Thanks Ty for finding and planning this date for us! I enjoyed it.

Thanks Ty for finding and planning this date for us! I enjoyed it.

Let yourself be creative, even if you aren’t “good.” Because it doesn’t matter whether you’re good, it matters whether you’re there.