If you’re anything like me, you’ve had names picked out for your children since you were about… seven years old, give or take. Of course, back then, I never thought about my child having to walk into a job interview, so they went something like Princess Dessa or Tiger Flower. Since then my make-believe-children’s names have improved. But book names are so much harder to imagine.

I struggle with names so much in my writing, so if you want to let me borrow your name, I’d be eternally grateful. You’d probably get a free book out of it, even.


Here’s a name glossary for my Unfair Catch main characters!

Savannah Dondi

When I first wrote the story, Savannah’s name was Erica. (I still call her that in my head sometimes.) But, I had a big problem. Anika is a main character in another book I wrote. So that was kiiiiiind of a problem. I went through about a million names, and none of them felt right. When my mom read this book, she said I should name her Savannah, after my sister. And I loved the idea. And so did my sister. So, we have my sister’s namesake in this story. Side note: I see more resemblance from my sister to Cassidy with their strong personalities and their sense of True North, if that makes sense. Savannah's last name is actually my first roommate’s dad’s name.

Rhett Lane

Okay, please don’t judge me. One of my ex boyfriend’s said he would want to name is first child “Rhett." Since I wrote the first part of the story in high school (after we broke up) it kinda makes since. But now, about seven years later, I still love the name, so I’m taking “custody” of it.

Hudson McAllister

Did you know that the smallest town in Kansas has a population of 1? Well, now you do. It’s named McAllister, and I had to use it. Hudson was another one of those last-minute names. In the first draft, his name was Ray, but I knew that would get confusing with Rhett. Hudson felt good, too, though. I think it fits his personality.

Cassidy Reddick

I’ve always loved the name Cassidy, and I met a girl named Cassidy after I wrote the first short story. The Cassidy I know is sweet and honest and outspoken and totally cool. I think she’s a good namesake. In desperation to find names, I put out a plea on Facebook to get names. Someone recommended Reddick, and I loved it!

Vox Cearny

I remember way back when one of my friends talking about a guy her boyfriend rodeoed with named “Vox.” My first thought was “how did his parents come up with that?” Now, I think it’s cool and edgy and simple and perfect for Cassidy’s love interest.