So if you've been around my blog a while, you know that I'm not and haven't ever been a full-time writer. In fact, my first full-time job out of college was in insurance data entry. Yuck. I went to work every single day and entered in information from signup forms for eight hours straight. I personally believe insurance is a Ponzi scheme, so it felt a lot like selling my soul. Not only that, but it was totally mind-numbing. (It wasn't 100% terrible, because I made so many great friends at that job! My coworkers were seriously the best!)

While I typed in these codes, I listened to Ted Talks and podcasts for eight hours straight. If I heard something particularly interesting, I would write it down on a sticky note and stick it up in my cubical. One of the notes I had said:

"John Green used to work in data entry." 

Imagine where that took my mind! I was only a hop skip, a couple years, and a few bestselling novels away from John Green-esque stardom! But really, it got me through a few tough months.

Later, a friend reached out to me at just the right time and told me that my writing reminded her of John Green's. Wow. At that time, I was considering giving up the pursuit of being a full-time writer to go to nursing school. So, whether John Green knows it or not, he's been instrumental in my goal of writing stories people love to read!