Buying a house looks so much fun. Especially on HGTV. Now, I understand why our real estate agent went on a rant when we told him the only TV we watch is HGTV.

On the television, couples look so excited as they walk through their potential home. In one day, they see three great houses, and by the end, they say, yeah, I think that one’s for us.


Okay, I had some suspicions it didn’t exactly work like that, but after driving back and forth to Oklahoma City and looking at five different apartments three houses, we said “yes” to the house. Of course that was only the beginning.

We put in an offer and were declined.

Commence toddler fit.

After that, we saw seven more houses, and we’ve said “yes” to the house again. This time, the seller said yes too. After declining our first three offers. (Ty says I know what it feels like to argue with myself now.)

Now, we’ve completed a termite inspection and had another inspection Monday. The seller just put a new roof on, and we'll have an FHA appraisal soon. Hopefully, once that’s all complete, our loan will clear and we’ll be in a house of our very own!

You guys might remember a post I made online a couple months ago about not being able to buy a home and make room financially for all the other things Ty and I want to do in life. I never thought we’d be able to buy a home for a long, long while, and I’d made peace with that.

But Ty wasn’t quite ready to continue giving our money to landlords who could dictate our living situations. He did some research online about programs for first-time home buyers, and I’m really glad he did.

You know that traditional knowledge about a 20% down payment? Wrong. There are other options for people like us, so we can afford a down payment with some smart financial planning. After we found that, it was like kindling to the fire.

I’ve been so excited to get into this house and see what we can do to make it a home. It’s in a nice community called Warr Acres in Oklahoma City, close to Ty’s work, and the two-bedroom house is classic, adorable, with a big yard. I can’t wait to see our dogs run around it, and I can’t wait to lay down for a good night’s sleep in something of our very own.

I'll be sure to post pictures when we get the keys. :)