Last night, we lost one of our favorite people, great-grandma Marie. I first met her in January 2013, right before my husband and I were getting ready to study abroad. I remember we were traveling around, trying to see some family before we left to live in Prague for six months. We went over to visit her at her home, and I quickly learned what a sweet woman I was newly related to.

Grandma Marie was the kind of woman who carefully hand-stitched quilts for every occasion, especially new babies. She lived simply, but nearly all of the decorations in her home spoke to her faith. She never had a negative word to say about anything or anyone, truly bearing her wrongs patiently.

Since we moved to Oklahoma, we've been able to see more of her, and that was a big blessing to Ty and me. She was always happy to see us, she was one of the first people to read and tell me she loved "Raising the West," and we had a lot of fun seeing her on Sundays and playing dominoes and skip-bo with her when time permitted.

The last few days weren't pretty, but she lived them out gracefully, sang worship songs, told those close to her how much she loved them and how much she would miss them. The world was a better place with her in it, and I think we are all better off for having known her. I hope I can learn to live with the kind of grace, love, and faith she had and showed to others.

Prayers for Grandma Marie and her loved ones would be much appreciated in the coming days as we grieve and honor this very special woman.