2019 Goals

2018 was my best year yet, and I can’t wait to see what a good mindset does in 2019. I have tons of goals, and I’m excited to work toward them!


  • Attend mass once a week and daily mass twice a month

  • Show others my faith through actions

  • Read two books that inspire me to chase my faith

Mental Health

  • Make regular checkup appointments with my therapist.

  • Fuel my body with food and supplements I know help with mental clarity

  • Create and maintain healthy boundaries

Physical Health

  • Practice hot yoga 4-5 times a week

  • Follow a healthy diet

  • Schedule Dentist/Dr./Optometrist appointments in advance

  • Learn how to manage/reverse my PCOS

  • Lose the weight and keep it off


  • Write weekly quotes on whiteboard to help us grow

  • Go on a date once a week

  • Pray about issues before I bring them to Ty


  • Publish at least five novels

    • Dear Adam

    • Fabio Vs. the Friend Zone

    • Sincerely Cinderella

    • Love Notes for Hire

    • Collaboration

  • Start on save-your-family-history business, at least have business plan in place.

  • Attend 2-3 conferences on writing/other matters important to me

    • 20books Vegas

    • Midwest Conference

    • NINC

  • Publish an audio book

  • Make all my books are available in large print


  • Become foster parents

  • Read The Connected Child

  • Support children and families in their times of need


  • Go snowboarding

  • Go to Canada

  • Take my siblings on a trip

  • Go on a multi-day camping trip on the Appalachian Trail

  • Go on a cruise

  • Go to Pennsylvania and have a Philly cheese steak

  • Watch the ball drop in New York City

  • Go to Reykjavik to celebrate Ty passing the CPA exam

Bucket List

  • Make Czech food and have a Czech dinner with friends

  • Help Ty go skydiving, watch from the ground

  • Give a TED Talk

  • Get a movie deal and attend the premier in NYC

  • Be on TV

  • Be on Radio

  • Be a guest on a podcast

  • Pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate Ty getting his CPA

  • Enroll in a course to become a certified yoga instructor

  • Visit a nursing home

  • Pay off all Student Loans

  • Pay off House

  • Pay off Vehicles