Lat year, I created a list of goals for myself that I shared on my blog! Looking back, I can see how well I excelled in some parts of my life and missed chances in other. Overall, 2018 has been my best year yet, and I want to make 2019 even better!

2018 Goals

Last year (2017), I had a list of goals, and while I didn't achieve all of them, I'm proud of how far I've come. I graduated with a master's degree, published a novel and two novellas, completed a documentary, bought a house, started at a new job (two, actually), and took a really nice vacation with family. Now that 2018 is upon us, I'm hoping to look forward, dream big, and surprise myself with how much can be done in a year. I hope you'll join me in making 2018 the best year yet!


  • Attend mass once a week and daily mass twice a month

  • Bible Study/Journal at least twice a week

  • Be active in a church/volunteer organization

  • Do weekly reflections in Catholic Planner

Mental Health

  • Attend therapy once a week (I saw a lot of great success with therapy this year and was able to take time off from counseling! I may go back just to make sure I’m staying on track.)

  • Fuel my body with food and supplements I know help with mental clarity (Constant struggle!)

  • GO TO BED AT A DECENT TIME, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY! (Constant struggle, but I made so much improvement!)

Physical Health

  • Practice hot yoga 3-4 times a week (I was able to keep a consistent practice aside from crazy busy times or travel!)

  • Create meal plans and follow through (Constant struggle!)

  • Practice moderation (Constant struggle!)

  • Schedule Dentist/Dr./Optometrist appointments in advance (YES!)


  • Write prayer intentions for each other on a whiteboard (We ended up going with a quote of the week. :)

  • Go on a date once a week (Tuesday nights are my favorite!)

  • Support Ty's CPA goal (Ty passed two parts! Only two left. :)


  • Publish three novels and one anthology (I actually surpassed this goal!)

    • Lonesome Skye

    • Becoming Skye

    • Loving Skye

    • The Art of Taking Chances (Anthology)

    • (Abi and the Boy Next Door)

  • Start on save-your-family-history project (got some great ideas and need to get them rolling.)

  • Send NL bimonthly (Yes! I have loved connecting with readers!)

  • Write blog bimonthly (The blog has definitely slipped.)

  • Host event for each book (I’ve definitely focused time and energy in reaching friends and family online instead, but I would like to have an event in 2019!)

  • Attend out-of-town conference (YES! And, bonus, I went to the Midwest Conference as well!)

    • 20books Vegas

    • YA Chicks Retreat (THANK YOU TY!)

    • (Midwest Conference)


  • Go snowboarding

  • Go to Canada (not yet. :(

  • Take my siblings on a trip (Not yet. :(

  • Go on a multi-day camping trip on the Appalachian Trail (Not yet. :(

  • Go on a cruise (It’s coming in 11 days!)

  • Go to Pennsylvania and have a Philly cheese steak (Not yet. :(

  • Watch the ball drop in New York City (Not yet. :(

Bucket List

  • Go to a costume party (Nope!)

  • Help someone write something that matters to them (I’ve edited several books this year!)

  • Make Czech food and have a Czech dinner with friends (Not yet, but I need to do this.)

  • Help Ty go skydiving, watch from the ground (This is happening in 2019! FOR SURE.)

  • Write an article for a major publication (I got published in Cowboys and Indians!)

  • Give a TED Talk (No, but I auditioned!)

  • Encourage the publication of trigger warnings in books (Encouraged, but there’s still a long way to go.)

  • Start a podcast (Didn’t get it off the ground.)

  • Be on TV (I accidentally got on the local news during someone else’s interview!)

  • Be on Radio (Not yet!)

  • Be a guest on a podcast (Not yet!)

  • Pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate Ty getting his CPA (Coming in 2019. :)